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Chanell D. Hill


Founder & Owner

Founder and Owner of Teen & Co. Wellness and Consulting, PLLC, Chanell Hill is a mental
health maven and licensed clinical social worker in the states of Illinois, North Carolina, and
Texas. As a California native, Chanell’s professional journey began after she received her
bachelor of arts in sociology with a minor in health sciences from California State University,
East Bay. After receiving her degree, Chanell began doing important work in the lives of the
California youth at Tennyson High school in her role as a health educator. Chanell’s passion for adolescent mental health was birthed out of her own experiences of dealing with anxiety and depression as a young adult. Chanell grew up in a Christian home where prayer was always encouraged, but deep down she knew that something more was needed to help her navigate complex emotions.

Chanell felt strongly that she was sent here on a mission to keep other children and teens from reliving the same experiences she did, and that’s when she traded in her California comforts and relocated to the Windy City of Chicago. Chanell hit the ground running when she enrolled in Dominican University where she received her master of social work degree in 2016. Not only did Chanell blaze trails by furthering her education, but she also became the first member of her immediate family to receive both an undergraduate and graduate degree.

Chanell makes it her business to live a life of purpose and nothing brings her greater joy than
knowing that she’s making a difference in the lives of young people today. “Every time I see my students and clients opening up and becoming better versions of themselves, I’m inspired,” Chanell said. Those closest to Chanell describe her as confident, social, and loving. Self-love and love for others, plus regular trips to therapy is what catapulted her to a place of wholeness where she can confidently and boldly advocate for children and teen mental health—removing the stigma that people of color or Christians don’t need therapy. She even created a merchandise line, God + Therapy to help combat that stigma. The wildly popular God + Therapy line quickly became a social media movement that encourages people to choose mental wellness.

Chanell continues to leave an indelible mark on the communities that she serves by creating
safe spaces for children and teens through various public school systems to address their
mental health needs. Chanell’s bold personality has enabled her to be a consistent conduit for change in this arena—by hosting groups and workshops, she has received unique opportunities to shine a light on the mental health struggles within the black community and schools that serve the inner-cities. As a way to further the conversation about mental health within the black community, Chanell co-founded The Chicago Black Mental Wellness Expo with two colleagues. The annual expo was created in an effort to connect black people with quality mental health care resources.

Chanell’s expertise and pioneering groundwork as a mental health care professional have also landed her on countless panels and podcasts to speak compassionately on this topic. Chanell’s voice can be heard on the Melanin and Mental Health Podcast, The AC Green Show, Teen Talk Podcast, God Put me Up on Game Podcast, and the V103 radio show—even in the midst of a demanding schedule, she still finds time to make guest appearances.

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