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Safe space for 1:1 private communication via smartphone, computer, or tablet between therapist and teen. This is a safe space for teens to communicate and discuss issues such as coping skills, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, depression, bullying, anger, eating disorders, or any other mental challenges.



“Thriving Together” Groups will be based on gender, holding no more than 4-6 teen participants. Groups are designed to build relationships, peer support, process life stressors in a safe space while learning tools to cope. Confidentiality is significant and participants are encouraged to be open with one another in this safe environment. Each group member must first have an individual assessment to determine appropriateness for group therapy.



In family therapy with teens, we operate to recognize what is happening with a teen in the context of the family. Space is held for effective communication, confrontation, healing and growth.

Payment Information

Teen & Co. accepts private pay. Teen & Co. also offers a sliding scale for clients with economic disadvantages. Credit cards must be on file with initial setups and payment will be collected at the beginning of therapy sessions. For fee questions please feel free to contact us at

Payment Info.
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